Event: My Participation In ChimeHack 3 Hackathon

Event: My Participation In ChimeHack 3 Hackathon

I was fortunate to register and attend a hackathon organised by Cchub in partnership with CHIME FOR CHANGE, Global Citizen, and Facebook called ChimeHack 3 nine days ago. A 2-day hackathon to identify ways and build technology solutions leveraging social media for reporting and eliminating violence against women. You can read more about the hackathon here. I will be sharing what happened and what my team built during the hackathon which took 2 days.

On day 1, we had a session were we discussed with experts running different violence against women NGOs both in Nigeria and abroad about the different kinds of sexual violence perpetrated against women which includes verbal, physical violence etc. My eyes really opened on the violence perpetrated against women in Nigeria, the high increase of rape cases in the country especially to minors was really troublesome which requires urgent solutions. The participants of the hackathon were about 98% men though women where encouraged to apply but it was very low compare to the men that came.
After the discussion session with the experts, we were asked to form teams to talk about the proposed solutions and each team were given experts to brainstorm with. At the end of the team discussion session, we were asked to come present your selected proposed solution to everyone. I came up to present our proposed solution which was a Sexual Violence Management System for any NGO to use. It helps record sexual reports electronically instead of the conventional manual way. Though the solution was cool but other teams were proposing something very similar, so I went home and thought about building something unique and different, so I came up with an idea to build a bot on the Facebook messenger platform in which victims can get guidance on getting help on sexual assault perpetrated against them. Throughout the night, I was learning about bots especially on the Facebook Messenger Platform which was quite easy to build(I will write a post on how to soon). After learning it, I built a sample bot that night before going to bed.

On day 2, it was raining but that did not stop us from our determination to build something. I met our MC for the event and told him to change our solution to “a Facebook messenger bot to communicate with victims & also curate cases of violence to the authorities”. I came across Ruth a friend of mine on day 2, I told her about the idea and she loved it. I asked her to join my team, she accepted which was a good thing because she codes also. We started coding the bot till the end of the day. The backend technology used was PHP(I will publish a tutorial soon on building a Facebook Messenger Bot). To know more about bots read this Wikipedia article.

On day 3 which was the final pitch day, it was raining also on that day but that did not stop us. The rain was just too much during the weekend I heard some areas where flooded especially in Lagos Island due to this some judges could not make it for the pitch. We pitched and demo-ed our solution – CalloutBot. At the end of the judges deliberations, they announced the results and we came 2nd 🙂 with our cool and unique solution.

Our Facebook bot – “CalloutBot” page


Conversation between a victim and our bot

I am really super grateful for attending the hackathon in which I met old and made new friends, learnt new technologies in bot development. I will continue to research more on bot development and learn the technology as much as I can and share those experiences here.

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