Meeting Mark Zuckerberg

Meeting Mark Zuckerberg

On Tuesday August 29th, 2016 Mark Elliot Zuckerberg – Co-Founder & CEO of Facebook visited the Nigerian tech industry. I had previously attended a hackathon, where myself and my team built a Facebook Messenger bot for victims of sexual assault or violence. We came second in the hackathon (you can read more about it here). The next day, I got an email with the subject “Strategic Visit from Facebook to CcHUB” from the Cchub team, saying that I should come over on Tuesday. I had no intention of missing the meeting, so I decided to tell my boss and also my ChimeHack3 hackathon team – CalloutBot about it and invited them to attend if they had the chance.

On Tuesday August 29th, 2016, I was at the 6th floor of the Co-Creation hub, waiting for the Facebook team to arrive. There were some Facebook employees already present at the hub and a lot of cameras, set as if they were about to shoot a movie scene. I came across some friends and we got talking about the cause of all the exciting activity going on, the Facebook team and all the cameras. One of my friends said he heard that Zuckerberg himself would be coming, but the rest of us said it was a lie – no way Zuckerberg would be visiting CcHub! So after waiting for over an hour, without any preamble or announcement, someone stepped in through the door – it was Mark Zuckerberg!

It was chaos after Mark’s entrance into the room. Everyone stood up and began taking pictures, myself included. We were all star-struck and shortly after, twitter started trending with #MarkZuckerbergInNigeria.
Here is Mark’s facebook post on his mission in Nigeria:

An interesting statistic was published by Techcrunch: “Facebook has 120 million users in Africa, 84 million of whom are in Sub-Saharan Africa. With 17 million users, Nigeria is the company’s largest Sub-Saharan African market, followed by South Africa (14 million), and Kenya (5.7 million)”.

I took an exclusive video when he came up to the 6th floor and spoke about his first visit to Nigeria.

#MarkZuckerberg. His first trip to naija #ExclusiveVideo 🇳🇬🇳🇬💻💻

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Also worthy of note is the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has invested in and shown support for startups in Nigeria like Jobberman and Andela.

The day after his surprise visit was a Facebook Developers Meetup where he gave a speech and did a Q&A session with the audience. He Left for Kenya, Nairobi and returned back to Nigeria which again surprised everyone. On his return, he attended the Aso Villa Demo Day(you can visit here for more info) where he met with the President and said:

I was highly impressed by the talent of the youths in the Co-creation Hub in Yaba. I was blown away by their talent and the level of energy that I saw

Mark Zuckerberg

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