Different Hair Colors the Trend and Colors

There are so many kinds of hair colors, the different hair colors depend on what ethnic, tribes, or maybe where they lived, such as in tropical or sub-tropical area, in a land, mountain, or even a seashore. Everything can affect the hair color and hair shape. The different hair colors also can make intentional way. […]

Hair Style Trends Of 2019

With every new year and a new season, the trends change from clothing to hairstyles to interior decoration. These trends are set by the top-notch designers and stylists as well as the social icons and celebrities. Everyone try to follow the trends set by them. Some people like to follow the style statement of their […]

Hair removal products for women

One of the best hair removing products for women and men goal preliminary removing or dissolution of the follicles with inhibitors that preserve the root from regrowing. Laser hair removing, lotions, lotions, and electrolysis all work effectively for stopping growth. The selection for your resolution is mostly a matter of choice and need. Tendencies for […]

My Curl Type is … Fractal or Zigzag Curls

Fractal or Zigzag Curls – as defined by Lorraine Massey in ‘Curly Girl the handbook – expanded the second edition’: curls that might be described as twizzles, micro-spirals or fractal corkscrews; an almost step like pattern to your hair. it may not look zigzag when you look at your hair as a whole, but it […]