Android O: How to Use Notification Channels

Android O: How to Use Notification Channels

Google has launched the first developer preview of the next Android version, currently code-named Android O (Oreo maybe?). Some exciting features were released, and one of them is Notification Channels. In this tutorial, we’ll explore this feature and build a simple app that demonstrates the functionalities it provides.

What Are Notification Channels?

Notification channels enable us app developers to group our notifications into groups—channels—with the user having the ability to modify notification settings for the entire channel at once. For example, for each channel, users can completely block all notifications, override the importance level, or allow a notification badge to be shown. This new feature helps in greatly improving the user experience of an app.

We’re going to learn about this feature by building a simple application called “TutsplusAlerts” that will provide two notification channels: Android and iOS. The user will receive a notification from one of these separate channels whenever a new article is submitted.

1. Set Up the Android O SDK

To begin to use Android O APIs as of this writing, you will need to have the latest Android Studio 2.4 Canary installed on your computer.

Launch Android Studio 2.4 and open the SDK Manager by clicking Tools > Android > SDK Manager.

Then, in the SDK Platforms tab, check Show Package Details. Below Android O Preview, check the following: Android SDK Platform O and Google APIs Intel x86 Atom System Image (required only for the emulator).

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