Meet Chike Mgbemena

Chike is a Lagos-based Software Developer, mostly focused on Android and plays around with backend development with PHP and JS sometimes. He is also a Code Instructor (Android) at Envato Tutsplus where he writes technical content on Android for millions of visitors to learn. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN), an Ex-Google Student Ambassador (won the “Star Google Student Ambassador Award” in Sub-Saharan Africa) and an Ampion Global Alumnus.

He enjoys learning, teaching, solving problems and convinces himself (and everyone else) he has super powers by making the world a better place with his coding skills.

When he’s not writing national security codes- LIE! 🙂 or reading Clean Code; he’s most likely either swimming, learning or developing technical content.

His interests include startups, politics, clean codes, robots and food.

Shoot him an email at chikespott[at]gmail[dot com] or visit here if you are interested in contacting him.