Hair Style Trends Of 2019

With every new year and a new season, the trends change from clothing to hairstyles to interior decoration. These trends are set by the top-notch designers and stylists as well as the social icons and celebrities. Everyone try to follow the trends set by them. Some people like to follow the style statement of their favorite celebrity or a favorite movie character.

If you are interested in knowing the trends of the hairstyle of the year 2019 then continue reading this article. Top of the list of hairstyles this year is bob hairstyle. The precision cut bobs are hottest this year. They look great with a blunt fringe as well as a little bit styling and adding some shine. Different lengths of bob are popular this year ranging from ear to shoulder level. Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow are carrying bob hairstyle this year.

To the total extreme of bob, long and wavy hair is also the trend of the year 2019. The length of hair can vary according to your face cut and you can add layers and bangs to them as well. You can add multiple layers to the length of your hair. The celebrities who are keeping their hair long and wavy this year are Amy Adams, Kim Kardashian, Mischa Barton, Shakira, and the Olsen sisters, Beyonce, Lucy Liu, and Alicia Keys.

The next trend in hairstyles is the classy ponytails. All through New York till Paris and Milan’s classy ponytails are the hot favorites. People are wearing it high as well as low. Straight traces with partition in the middle are quite popular as well. They are easy to manage and style.

Over the top updos are popular as usual. They look just fabulous if worn with a gown or a pair of jeans. So start experimenting with different over the top hairdos. They will look amazing at every occasion.

Last but not the least are the hair colors. Different amazing hair colors are the rage. Deep and dark shades are very popular such as chocolate brown and tones of red. Highlights and lowlights are again in trend.

Mildred Skinner

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