Henna Hair Dye is Natural and Eco-friendly

Henna hair dye is natural hair dye which is properly used for people. It can be used for young people. Even though, it can be used as a henna hair dye for gray hair. So, old people can appear beauty and handsome again. This product is also well-known with the natural ingredient. In fact, it not produces dangerous waste for the environment. Henna Company makes henna hair dye using the natural ingredient. The company designs it as temporary hair dye. As the information, that this product makes hair beauty and keep healthy.

Ingredient which is used in Henna Hair Dye

People should know the ingredient of this product. However, they also have to know that henna hair dye has many colors. They can choose one of the henna hair dye colors such as black, blonde, red, green, purple, orange, or gold. Red color of this product is produced by Lawsonia minimise where this plant is like hay. Gold is produced by cassia obovate. Then, black color is made by Indigofera tinctoria that has smelled like frozen peas.

Next, blonde and brown color of henna hair dye is made from a combination of the ingredient. It is made from a combination of indigo, amla, walnut, lawsonia, and rhubarb. The most important thing is that henna itself is the name of the plant. In this product, the company uses 100% natural ingredient. The product which is bottled is also natural and henna powder always has a green color. It means that anything the color of the product always has green powder. The green color in this product is caused by the natural ingredient itself.

Guide to Applying Henna Hair Dye

In this article, people will know about how to use this hair dye. People must use gloves when they use henna hair dye. The reason is it will make their finger become red for weeks. Furthermore, a paste of this product is not allowed to touching the scalp. If it accidentally gets a scalp, so it must be rinsed soon. Actually using this product is not difficult and it does not need much time. There are several steps that can be done by people now.

First, people must prepare all the things which are needed like a towel or cab, gloves, and etc. Watering the hair and then let it dry for a while. Before it is done, people can prepare the dough of henna hair dye. Do not forget to select the appropriate color. Then, apply hair dye with using hand or comb. After that, let it or hushed it for a while and then wash with water. Then, use shampoo and conditioner in order the hair more glow.

Okay, this article has told about the ingredient and the guide to use it. After that, it will discuss where people can buy it. Well, people can buy it in several places. This product is easy to be found. Now, it can be bought in the market, beauty hair salon, store, and many else.

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