Kool Aid Hair Dye is Natural product from Flavored Powder

Have you ever used kool aid hair dye? This hair color is made from flavored powder. Usually, this powder is used to make a beverage. Even though it is made to make people hair more colorful. In fact, coloring hair makes people appearance funky and beautiful. They will be more youth again. Now, people can dye their hair with one or more colors. People who are coloring their hair with Kool aid hair dye have taken exact step. Obviously, a flavored powder that is used in this product is natural and safe.

How to Use Kool Aid Hair Dye at Home?

Usually, people go to hair beauty salon if they want to color hair. However, people can do it by them at home. People quite search kool aid hair dye instruction before they do it. Now, people do not worry again because they can find kool aid hair dye tips in this article. There are some steps that can people did where it does not take many times. First, use latex or rubber gloves before use kool aid hair dye and put a towel around the shoulder.

Second, prepare petroleum jell and other equipment which are needed. Then, put into the bowl kool aid hair dye. After that, give water and conditioner. Steer it until it is shaped of paste hair dye. Fifth, dye the hair with smooth paste using small brush from the root until the part which is wanted. Do it aside and down in order it can get the best result. Then, tuft of hair and wrap it with plastic also let it for several minutes. People can make sure that the wrapping is strong with tape.

After that, open it from the head and rinse with warm water. Do not use shampoo because it will lose the color of the dye. It means that the dying is vain so people quite give conditioner. Then, wash again the hair until clean, comb the hair, and let it dry. Next kool aid hair dye is rock the hair with a finger. It is the last step and people will get new hair color. In addition, people can choose colors like kool aid hair dye purple, green, red, blonde, and the rest.

Things which must be Attention before Using Kool Aid Hair Dye

Well, there are some cases that must be attended by people. Although it is natural hair dye, it can be used without guide and without protection. People must prepare petroleum jell to remove kool aid hair dye paste which adheres on skin or cloth. Besides that, people must use shower cab plastic and gloves which is made from latex or rubber. Then, bowl that is used must be made from glass and using a wooden spoon.

Also, people must paintbrush or finger which have used gloves. Well, people can buy this product in several places. They can buy it nearest hair beauty salon, store, market, or cosmetic store. Yet, people can buy it via online and they can buy it from the country or company which is made it. In concludes, kool aid hair dye is safe for people hair.

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